The Future Is Cockroaches: Hacking, Mass-Producing, and Eating the World’s Vilest Insect

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Thus far, cockroaches have existed primarily to repulse squeamish humans when they scuttle out from under the world’s old floorboards. They comfortably edge mosquitos out to earn the mantle of the world’s most reviled insect; when the rising tides and mushroom clouds finally chase us into oblivion, the cockroaches, it’s often said, will inherit the earth.

But the future of cockroaches is nigh, and they won’t just be fodder for post-apocalyptic nightmares and the bottom of our shoes much longer. Around the globe, we’re harvesting cockroaches for nutrition, growing them on farms, and turning them into cyborgs. The future, in other words, is going to be even more full of cockroaches than it is today.

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