A Tokyo Design Firm Made Artificial Human Organs for the Post-Apocalypse

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Once that great apocalyptic event—contagion, climate change, nuclear holocaust, zombies, whatever—drowns out the huddled masses of humanity, we can take solace in at least one thing: those who remain will have no shortage of suggestions from art and pop culture as to how best to carry on.

If it’s a zombie scenario, they could, for instance, go Walking Dead and form a scrappy band and shack up in a prison. If it’s disease, they could hack their bodies, adding Matt-Damon-in-Elysium-style cyborg arm implants to do combat with the rich. If it’s rising sea levels, they could follow one Tokyo design firm’s advice, and outfit themselves with artificial organs designed to make the human body more water-efficient. 

See on motherboard.vice.com

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