A new era of cognitive computing

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IBM’s SVP and director of research, Dr John Kelly, says the intention is not to replace humans, but to rather provide new tools for living in a world of “enormous data”
“The next-generation Watson is a big deal. A really big deal,” says Kelly. “The first-generation Watson in Jeopardy took a single question and presented a single answer. But that is not the way most complex problems present themselves, they certainly don’t present themselves in healthcare that way. In healthcare, as in many situations, you are presented with many different pieces of information. Some of it contradictory and some of it incomplete, what you want to do is get those different pieces of information down to a set of possible causes and some statistical weighting of those. This new technology does that.”

Szabolcs Kósa‘s insight:

"In healthcare, Kelly says Watson will never replace a doctor:  You will always want a doctor as a final decision-maker." — I have serious doubts about this.

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