Technology and Politics in the 21st Century – New Governance, New Micro Nations, New Experiments

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The impact of 21st century technology is just starting to be felt in the political realm. The Internet and social media sites have spawned political movements built around social causes. Political parties from countries all around the world are wrestling with these new phenomena. If Facebook were a nation today it would be the third largest in the world only surpassed by China and India.
For micro-nations at sea it won’t be the Internet that leads to experiments in new governance. This will come from the founders of these communities and from the homesteaders who are attracted to the new frontier it represents. Designed to be self sufficient, seasteads may produce a new Athens or a new Sparta, a libertarian or theocratic mini-state. Once again the world will have a new frontier but it won’t be in space. It will be right here on the surface, not on terra firma, but rather at sea.

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