Can a Robot Learn to Cook?

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Everyone’s coming over to watch the big game. You’ve got beer, a giant high-definition television, and a well-deserved reputation for serving wings hotter than Dante’s eighth circle of hell. Unfortunately, you are pressed for time. Wouldn’t it be great if a machine like Rosey from The Jetsons could quickly prepare them? Maybe you could even pass off the dish as your own!

Then again, maybe not. Would Rosey’s version taste like yours, or would her rendition expose your duplicity? Could she cut the chicken into the right size parts and ensure your friends don’t choke on bone chips? Would Rosey know when the chicken pieces hit the ideal state of crispiness without being raw inside? Most importantly, could she discern when the spice Rubicon was crossed? These questions all revolve around one issue: Can Rosey can acquire tacit knowledge?

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